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What is Whois?

Whois is defined as an Internet service that is to be used to look up information about a Domain name. It represents a listing of all registered Domains, their names, availability, ownership, validity, and expiration.

Whois is a shortening for the following question: Who Is responsible for this Domine name?

Every year, millions of individuals, companies, businesses, governments, etc. Register new Domain names that serve different purposes. Each one must be identified and differentiated from the rest by its intrinsic identity.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) regulates domain names, registration, and ownership.

As a universal standard regulation, when you register a domain, the Registrant must have provided registrars with up-to-date contact information that will be displayed to the public in the Whois database. This agreement ensures the accessibility to registration information all the time when there is a need for it.


What does Domains Engines Whois tool provide:

Anyone who wants to register a domain name has to provide contact and technical information for display in the Whois database. Whois data can be considered as a subset of information referring to the registration time.

The Domains Engines Whois tool service allows you to collect information about the given domain name. When you type the domain name in the searching space and click GET WHOIS, the data that are stored on the Whois records and other information sources will be returned to be displayed as the profile of the domain name.

Basically, you get all the Whois information you need

Where does Whois information come from?

The Whois data is held in a record within the Whois database. Whois record contains information about both, The Registrant (يomain owner) and Registrar (The individual or the entity that registered the domain).

There are two models for storing data in Whois: Thick and Thin models. The classification of models is based on the kind of information to be served.


What is the Registrars’ role with Whois:

 Legally, Domain names can be owned by: anyone, entity, or firm. So to establish your presence in the technical world of an information system you must have an identity to be used for addressing and titling you. 

 Registrars are responsible for the maintenance and the submission of data to the registries and for allowing the public to reach the information.

The information in the Whois record is provided when the domain name is registered. Over time, things are changed.

The (ICANN) requires Domain registrants to update their contact information. Each registrar has his procedure for updating the data. Some are using call centers and some may prefer to access websites.

Can I hide my domain WHOIS information?

There is no way to hide the domain registration information because anyone can check Whois to identify the status of the domain.

The (ICANN) requires the information of those who own and control the domain to make the information reachable to the public when needed. Some domain registrars offer private registration services (also known as proxy services) in which the registrar’s information is seen and not the registrant's information.

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